Designing an Easter Basket with Life is Sweet

Designing an Easter Basket with Life is Sweet

           With three kids the competition to find the whimsically colored Easter eggs, hidden by the Easter Bunny, was fierce!  The goal was, of course, to get more than their siblings, as quickly as possible. But even more important than the eggs, was finding their own Easter basket.  We had a rule that you couldn’t tell someone if you’d found their Easter basket.  You had to find your own.  Naturally, when the kids were little there were lots of hints but as they got older we were strategic in the hiding.  For my tall son, his basket was hidden low and for my girls, they were hidden up high or behind items which were difficult to see around.  Then, before our big Easter breakfast, the kids would check out the loot they’d received from Mr. E. Bunny. Through trial and error we figured out an ideal formula for the Easter basket.17814302_1788310834516064_562828321724535771_o

A Centerpiece10670157_1289782354368917_5159305549172575843_n

Pick one thing, the biggest thing, to be the center and focus of the basket-the “wow” feature.  We usually chose a chocolate bunny, solid some years and hollow other years.  Life is Sweet has a whole colony of chocolate bunnies!  There are dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bunnies of all sizes.

Jelly Beans

          Easter is the day for jelly beans!  Life is Sweet not only has a great selection of gourmet flavored jelly beans, but for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life, we carry Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean as well. We used to like to fill those brightly colored little plastic Easter eggs with the jelly beans.  Warning:  Have them open those over the table.  We learned this the hard way!


Nothing says Easter like peeps.  We not only have peeps, but Life is Sweet hand dips peeps in chocolate so you get the best of both worlds: marshmallow and chocolate together!  It’s fun to put the peeps right up front in the basket in a line peeking over the top of the basket like they are dying to jump right out and into your ( Ahem,I mean, your child’s) mouth!

17629609_1775554069125074_4363667688795557965_n (1)Assorted candies

We weren’t really big on Easter grass at the bottom of the basket since the cat had a tendency to try to eat it.  Instead we would put an assortment of other candies for our kids to enjoy.  After all, this is the last big holiday until Halloween, and this would need to last a while!  Life is Sweet has a tremendous assortment of candies to celebrate Easter.  You can get  brightly colored malt balls or the natural looking “quail eggs” with caramel.  There are bags of cotton candy (perfect for the back of the basket), real Cadbury cream eggs, sugar straws you can created yourself (maybe using your child’s favorite colors), Kinderjoys and of course bulk candy you can mix and match yourself!

Something Snuggly


Life is Sweet has a large assortment of Ty stuffed animals.  We have tiny clip on stuffies and larger stuffed animals for serious cuddling.  Easter brings to mind baby lambs, little chicks and of course, bunnies!  Something snuggly is a must!

A Surprise

Put in something that makes this year’s basket different from last year’s or next year’s basket.  It can be a candy that caters to the current fad of the moment, an adorable little ceramic bunny your little one can slip in their pocket and carry with them or a delicately crafted sugar egg with a meticulously crafted diorama inside.

If putting together a basket sounds great, but you’re a little pressed for time, come into Life is Sweet for one of our ready-made Easter baskets.  A note about Easter baskets:  You are never too old to get an Easter basket!  My kids, now in college and high school still receive a basket of sweets for Easter and yes, I still make them look for it!

Life is Sweet wishes you a happy and joyous Easter!


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