Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

 My Dad was the fun in our house.  He had a big booming laugh and was the one most likely to play jokes on us.  He had a huge appetite for life and well, come to think of it, just a huge appetite too!  He was a man of many talents and could fix a car, build a bookcase, rewire a house, play softball, cook an amazing meal, chauffeur 4 kids to a variety of activities and play cards with our Mom.  The man loved both opera and the comedic antics of Benny Hill.  He loved food and would try anything new, but wasn’t so much of a food snob he didn’t enjoy just sitting down with a bowl of chips and ice cream.

Talking to other people, their fathers played the same epic role in their household.  Some are even lucky enough (as I am) to have a spouse cut from the same cloth.  Only one day a year is totally devoted to the awesomeness of Dad and that’s Father’s Day. Make the most of the day with our fabulous Father’s Day gift ideas. download

Take Dad out to eat

My Dad was the cook in our family and going out to eat was a BIG deal.  At The Flight Deck we remember when going out to eat was something reserved for special occasions and we treat each customer on every visit as though they are celebrating something special.

For Father’s Day, pull out all the stops and take your dad out for an amazing meal.  Come in  for breakfast and let Pop fill up on our Big Flyer breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 slices of crisp bacon and 2 sizzling sausages (all with home fries and toast, of course) or our spicy Huevos Rancheros or the to-die-for Cinnamon Roll French Toast. If today is finally the day Dad can sleep in, stop by for lunch or dinner and order up one of our specialty steaks, seafood dishes or our specials made just in honor of Dad.  No matter what, don’t skip out on our homemade desserts.  Every bite will make Dad, Pop-pop, Grandpa or Daddy feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Buy Him Candyretro

We tend to think of candy and flowers more for women, but the truth is, most fathers seem to have an insatiable sweet tooth.  Life is Sweet can help with that!  Order Dad a pound of his favorite flavor fudge (my Dad was a sucker for maple walnut), or buy him half a dozen cupcakes he can enjoy over the course of a week.  Warning: I once saw my father put down 5 doughnuts in the space of time it took my Mom to go to the rest room so our homemade cupcakes could be gone in very short order!

Life is Sweet also has the best assortment of nostalgic candies.  Your Dad was a sucker for Razzles, Mary Janes or black licorice wheels.  Boy are you in luck!  Not only do we have all those old favorites either packaged or ready to buy in bulk, but we also sell nostalgic candy collections that have the flavor favorites from a given decade.

My personal favorite choice would be to take the man himself to Life is Sweet for an ice cream sundae.  With both premium hard ice cream and a variety of soft serve flavors and toppings, you can share one of those perfect moments where it’s just you and your Dad getting some ice cream on a summer’s day.

Indulge Dad in his Hobbies

My own father’s favorite thing to do was eating (this apple did NOT fall far from that tree), so the first 2 suggestions on our list are ideal.  But one of my father’s late in life passions was doing puzzles.  So while puzzles may not be your thing, make an exception and spend a part of the day doing what makes Dad happy.  Loves fish?  Check out one of our local pet shops and buy a new addition to his aquarium.  Loves fishing?  Grab a couple of poles and spend a couple of hours at one of the beautiful lakes in Southwest New Hampshire. (Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything.  You can still catch a great seafood dinner at The Flight Deck !) Or maybe take in a live baseball game either by our local Swampbats or the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.   The point is to do something that will make you Dad feel treasured and build memories in the process.

Complete a Project

          Undoubtedly, if your Dad is like so many busy dads out there, he has a project list a mile long and little time to finish it.  Take the day to knock out one or more of those projects.  If you have the skill and know-how, great!  Make it surprise and finish it for him.  If not, just let Pop know you are willing and able to provide some hard labor and let him teach you some new skills.  So get out there and finish the deck, clean the garage, vacuum the pool, mow the lawn, change the oil on the car… and then, get some ice cream at Life is Sweet.  You will have earned it!


Give Dad a Day of Rest

If your dad, grandad, Godfather, uncle or husband always seems to have a to do list as long as his arm, works way too many hours and still comes home to help out around the house, he has more than earned a lazy day.  Make sure you’ve got a stash of candy from Life is Sweet, make reservations for dinner at The Flight Deck and set him up with the remote and a comfy chair and give him the day to just enjoy life.  That may be the gift Dad most wants!


However you decide to honor your father this Father’s Day, Life is Sweet  and The Flight Deck stand at the ready to help you give Dad the day he deserves! We wish you a wonderful, memorable and tasty, Father’s Day.


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