Happy Birthday to Life is Sweet!

BDAY cupcake

Eleven years ago…we opened on January 6 at 21 West Street. It was a great visible spot near Main street, with amazing neighbors. But sadly, a big parking problem.

Not too long later, we moved to under the Colonial Theater – to the old Wine Cellar location. We had hit the big time – we were on main street! Well, technically we were below Main street under the sidewalk. But we were so excited to be right there.

We added a second store to bake cupcakes a few years later on upper Washington street. And what a fun location that was. We started doing birthday parties right there and we had our amazing sign created by Sign Worx.

In 2012, we made the move to the BIG store. Combining the cupcake bakery and the candy stores onto Central Square. We moved above ground and set out to fill that HUGE spot.

And this is where we sit still. We LOVE our space that we have carved out for ourselves in the downtown. We love the community and are so thankful for all our friendly and faithful friends/customers. We so appreciate that we are YOUR candy store that your bring friends to when they visit. Every town needs a candy shop of their own!

In the future – we are super excited to be growing, adding, and flourishing along with the downtown area.

Wahoo for us and Hooray for Keene!

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