Life is Short..Make it Sweeter with Dessert!

Life is Short..Make it Sweeter with Dessert!

          Summer is well and truly underway!  Sunny days, hot, steamy days, days meant for the beach or a lake getaway, going to the movies, miniature golfing and days spent by the pool.  It’s the time of year when chores take a back seat to fun and we make time to see family and friends, enjoy barbecues and cookouts and finally, finally, relax.

Nobody wants to be the poor soul who’s stuck in the kitchen! And the thought of turning on the oven to make dessert when it is 95 degrees outside is just exhausting. However, dessert cravings are calling and you promised to bring dessert, so what’s a body to do?Cupcakes

Life is Sweet is ready to help you out as always! Stay out of the kitchen and head into our air conditioned candy oasis and we’ll help you pick the perfect dessert for your outing.

For the cook-out or barbecue

          Invited to a cook out?  Maybe this 4th of July you are headed for the all-American barbecue, with burgers, hot dogs, potato and macaroni salads, Cole slaw-the works. You’ve been charged with bringing dessert.  Declare your own independence from the kitchen and come into Life is Sweet for cupcakes.  Everyone loves a dessert they don’t have to share and cupcakes are the perfect answer.  You can have one of our staples, like salted caramel cupcakes or red velvet.  Or check out our specialty cupcakes made special for the occasion. If you want props for making them yourself, go ahead- we won’t tell!

An elegant dinnerChocolates 2

Summer is the perfect time for getting together with old friends and reminiscing. If an invitation arrives for an elegant summertime soiree complete with candles, wine and canapes, we have the perfect way to complete a memorable meal.  Come into Life is Sweet for our delicious, hand dipped chocolates and truffles. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and even sugar-free options are available.  Nothing ends a beautiful meal like the taste of premium chocolate lingering on the palate to make the evening that much sweeter!

A picnic

Picnics can be tricky.  You don’t want anything too messy, it has to be neat and portable, but you still want something fun and unexpected for dessert.  Life is Sweet offers the area’s best selection of nostalgic candy.  Introduce your kids to the candy that becomes gum by buying everyone at the picnic a package of Razzles.  Remember when we thought if we mixed Poprocks and soda you thought your stomach would explode?  Well, we were wrong but it was lots of fun to try it anyway!  Let your kids feel the pop of surprise from putting half a package of Poprocks in their mouths. Remember buying Sugar Daddies from the ice cream truck?  Well, ice cream trucks have become harder to find, but we still have Sugar Daddies and Charleston Chews at Life is Sweet.  All portable, packable and delicious for picnic fun.

mix n matchMovie Night

Whether you are opting to hang a sheet in the yard and project classics for the neighborhood to enjoy or you’re just hanging with your family in the bug-free, air conditioned comfort of your home and screening former summer blockbusters, you need candy and popcorn to round out the experience.  Life is Sweet has hundreds of bulk candies available to choose from.  So load up on your favorites, or buy one of our pre-made movie packages, complete with favorite boxed candies, microwave popcorn and a personal popcorn server, you can use over and over again!

Just because

The unexpected single rose.  A good morning text for no particular reason.  The impulsive hug and kiss given by a child.  My favorite things were always those that didn’t need a reason to happen.  Here at Life is Sweet we like to celebrate the ordinary with the extraordinary.  So come on in and pick from our fabulous toppingsfudge selection and buy a pound and spring it on your family after dinner.  Or one hot night, load the kids in the car and bring them to our build your own sundae bar or Make your own Blizzards for an extra-special sweet treat in our cheerful, friendly and yes, air conditioned store.


SundaeLife, but especially summer, is short.  Better make it sweet.



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