Life is Sweet this Mother’s Day

Life is Sweet this Mother’s Day

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 So, who do you need to buy for this Mother’s Day?  Is it Mom, Grandma, your mother-in-law, your Godmother, your best friend’s Mom who is like a second mother to you or the mother of your children? So many people and too many choices!  Stop, breathe and don’t stress. Move in close and I’ll tell you what all mothers really want for Mother’s Day.  We just want to be remembered and thought of!  That’s it!  Seriously, all the angst people go through regarding the perfect gift isn’t necessary.  But since you’ve asked, Life is Sweet is happy to give you a few simple tips for shopping for a Mother’s Day gift.

  1. Do not overspend! We’ll feel badly if we thought you bought something for which you had to go into debt.
  2. Be assured, it came from you and we’ll love it.
  3. Let us know you appreciate what we do in our role of mother. Sometimes, we’re not so sure of ourselves!
  4. Still stuck? Use the guide below to help and come to Life is Sweet. Our staff is ready to help you with fabulous suggestions the moms in your life will love.

 For the military Mom


Whether she’s been in the military or the proud mother of a soldier or just runs your family with military precision, try our 21 cupcake salute.  Pick from our seasonal spring flavors or our try our classics to give Mom a salute full of flavor and respect. (Bonus: There’s enough to share, so if you give them, you’ll probably get one too! Score!)

I’m on diet Mom

You know Mom loves chocolate.  She says she’s on a diet.  Is there some way to crack this conundrum?  You bet.  Put together a selection of our chocolate dipped fruits.  Mom can feel naughty and nice at the same time and you get brownie points for looking after Mom’s health. (We also carry a great selection of sugar free chocolates!)

You’re there, but Mom’s here Mom

Life takes us all over, but Mom is always in our hearts.  What to do?  Order a box of our delicious handmade chocolates.

Artisan Chocolates

We have truffles, turtles, creams, chews and bark all made in house.  Or choose one of our fabulous fudge flavors to send instead.  If Mom lives in Keene, we can deliver the goods!

I remember when Mom

Mother’s Day has a tendency to bring out the nostalgic side of our personalities.  The older our kids are, the more we look back and remember how much we loved their childhood antics and wish we’d indulged in more play and less work.  You can’t go back and do things over, but you can give Mom a trip down memory lane with our selection of nostalgic candies.  Mary Janes, Bit o’ Honey, Laffy Taffy , Razzles… we’ve got them all.  Or you can pick up a box of candies available by decade.


Busy Mom

Truth be told, I don’t know too many mothers who aren’t busy. Make Mom slow down.  Take her to Life is Sweet and buy her a coffee, a milkshake or a blizzard.  Tell Mom to wander the shop and pick up a pound of her favorite candies.  Take a little time to sit in the shop or at one of our tables overlooking the square and just spend some time together, eating candy, licking ice cream or sipping coffee.  She’ll love the time she spends with you and the thought you’ve put into this present.

Life is Sweet celebrates all the moms in our lives.

We welcome the chance to help you make Mother’s Day sweeter this year. Oh, and remember to say, “Thanks Mom”, because trust us; life is short, so make it sweet.

With much love and appreciation for all that you do! We love you!

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