Life is Sweet When There’s Ice Cream!

Life is Sweet When There’s Ice Cream!

           Memorial Day is the unofficial starting gun for the summer season.  The best summer memories are usually those from when you were a child.  I remember my summers filled with hours in the pool, visits to the beach, drinking iced tea and reading a book in the shade of a tree, catching fireflies at sunset, watching fireworks and eating grilled hot dogs.  Best of all, there was ice cream. ice cream Sometimes we’d make our own sundaes at home, or wait eagerly for the peeling chimes of the ice cream truck.  On special occasions we would go out and buy ice cream or thick milk shakes.

Isn’t summer a special occasion- just an extended one?  After all, it’s too hot to cook full meals and there never seems to be a wrong time for ice cream.  The kids have roughly 8 weeks of freedom before they have to think about tests, homework or early mornings.  Here in New England, we endure tough winters and summer is our sweet, sweet reward to be savored for making it through another New Hampshire winter.  Make the reward even sweeter by stopping in to Life is Sweet for an ice cream treat!

2478923_orig It’s best to know ahead of time, you may have a tough time deciding on what kind of ice cream you want.  We have 17 different flavors of hard ice cream made by Maple Valley Creamery.  We believe in supporting locally grown, and Maple Valley Creamery is located just miles away in Hadley, Massachusetts using premium cream and milk from their cows.  Supporting local farms means preserving open spaces, supporting sustainable practices and the best possible quality ice cream!

If you had grown up in downstate New York (as I did) summer was all about soft serve ice cream.  Which do you prefer- a cone or a cup?  We are happy to accommodate your preference! And we can make at least 45 flavors.

And now, we have a “Make-your-own” Sundae bar right here in the store. Pick your ice cream and your size…and then go crazy putting on whatever toppingstoppings you want. Here are a few of the toppings: Chocolate chips, cookie dough, sprinkles, snickers, marshmallows, and Nerds! It is still as fun as I remember when I was a kid. Of course, ice cream is just a part of what we do at Life is Sweet.

We are a full service candy store with hand dipped chocolates, cupcakes, bulk and nostalgic candies.  So design your own sweet treat.  Get a cup of soft serve and top it with any of your favorites.  Although many ice cream places offer gummies or M&M’s as toppings, you can get whatever you’d really like at Life is Sweet and assemble it yourself!  Why not buy some chocolate covered espresso beans to top your coffee flavored ice cream and give you a caffeinated buzz to keep you going through the hot day? Or get a salted caramel cupcake and top it off with chocolate ice cream for a taste sensation of salty, sweet, smooth and creamy.

How about getting soft serve with some mix-ins?  Make your very own exotic mixture starting with our vanilla or chocolate base and create your own “blizzard”.  For quick, cool refreshment on the go, try one of our shakes.


Ice cream is one of the sweetest memories of childhood summers.

Relive your memories or create new ones with ice cream at Life is Sweet.

Life is short…so is summer…so make it especially sweet!

Happy Summer! Woohoo!

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