Life is Sweet with Fall Flavors

Life is Sweet with Fall Flavors

           Summer is on the brink of letting go. You can see it as the colorful leaves lose their grips from tree limbs. Mornings mean there’s a chill in the air and the smell of wood smoke permeates the neighborhood. Porches are decorated with bright mums, orange pumpkins and cheerful scarecrows. It’s time once again for warm sweaters, fleece pullovers, flannel shirts and jeans for long walks through crunching leaves. And then of course, there is the food.

About UsLife is Sweet is all about embracing the seasons, living to the fullest and celebrating the holidays that dot the landscape of the year like precious jewels. Because while we can agree that life is sweet, it also feels short and every moment is a chance to make a memory. When we think with fondness on our youth, fall is encompassed strongest in the memory of fall flavors.

Halloween candy!

Fall is all about embracing the moment. It’s when we become painfully aware of the shortened growth time left for fruits and vegetables.  Like squirrels, we rush to gather all nature has to offer before it is gone with a kiss of frost. Apples are at their sweetest, pumpkins are jolly, round and firm, corn offers us our last romance with summer and we cook, can, bake, roast and freeze as quickly as possible to capture the season.

We applaud you! We feel the same way, but our fall flavors are ready and waiting for you to come in and enjoy-all without the hassle of turning on the stove or oven. Let’s talk cupcakes first.  SO MANY CUPCAKES! We love autumn with the same fervor as you and our pastry case can hardly hold all the wonderful choices we have to offer.  Try our sweet potato cupcake with mini marshmallows on top or perhaps you want to embrace the Great Pumpkin and go for our pumpkin cupcake. Have our caramel apple cupcake with apple filling (you can tell yourself it’s a fruit!) or indulge in the warmth of cinnamon with our snickerdoodle cupcake. Yum!

Pumpkin whoopie pies.

Pumpkin whoopie pies.

Lest you think we are only about cupcakes for fall, let me enlighten you! We have pumpkin whoopee pies and pumpkin spice pretzels. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our homemade fall flavored fudge selection. Try our vanilla fudge dotted with candy corn or our ever popular maple fudge. Are you a pumpkin devotee? Well, we understand and want to feed your obsession. Try our pumpkin swirl fudge-vanilla fudge with swirls of pumpkin or our pumpkin spice fudge replete with the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.  Are you a pumpkin purist? Then our pumpkin walnut fudge is the one for you. My favorites are the ever popular maple fudge or the caramel apple fudge, made with tons of butter, apple cider and dried apples.

This coming week is also Rosh Hashanah and we have on hand the perfect treats to usher in a sweet new year.  Come in for our honey lollipops-hand them out to little ones or use them as stirrers for your tea. Maple flavored drops also offer a sweet finisher for the family feast.  Our candy jars are fully stocked with jelly rings and other sweets to fill your candy dishes to make the holiday all the sweeter.

Finally, as if this wasn’t all enough to entice you to embrace autumn in all its flavorful glory, a must try is our maple bacon candy. Oh, yes!  We went there! Because maple is everything good and there is just nothing bad about bacon.

Life is Sweet! And it is our pleasure to help you make it just a little bit sweeter!


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