Life is Sweet…When you catch a leprechaun!

Life is Sweet…When you catch a leprechaun!

     There are a few things you need to know when setting a leprechaun trap.

  • First: You’ll only be able to catch them in the wee hours of March 17th.  My grandfather explained the Leprechaun King, or king of the fairies as he is sometimes called, only permits the leprechauns one day of freedom about the world, and that is St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Second, you have to lure them in with something they would value.
  • Third, do not look away once you have caught them. They can disappear in the blink of an eye!
  • Fourth, if you’ve treated them with respect, they are sure to leave you something special whether you’ve caught them or not.

coinsEvery year when my children were young we’d set our trap on March 16th and on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, my kids would check to see if they’d caught a leprechaun.  The traps took on many different incarnations.  There was the traditional box with a string trick, with the string tied to a shiny coin, so once pulled, would trap the leprechaun.  Courtesy of Darby O’Gill and the Little People, we knew leprechauns were mad for shiny things, music and Irish whiskey.  So, on several occasions I would set out a shot glass of Jameson’s and a mouse sized portion of corned beef while my children created a leprechaun sized bed, hoping he’d have a little drink, a little snack and fall asleep in the little

Alas, they never caught the leprechaun, but without fail, the leprechaun would leave treats (and some tricks) for them.  One year there was a whole pot of gold coins.  My kids were thrilled- and just as thrilled when they saw it was chocolate wrapped foil coins, like those we sell at Life is Sweet.  On other occasions, the leprechaun would leave a variety of candy- but all of it green!

Of course, with the good came a few pint sized shenanigans.  Our good natured leprechaun once turned the milk in the fridge green.  Another time he left teeny, tiny footprints all around the trap.  One year, a little glass leprechaun was left in the bed.  He usually left a note on a scrap of paper (written in green ink) which we read with a magnifying glass, thanking us for the courtesy and assuring us he would never be caught.  My children came up with the theory we had our very own leprechaun who chose to come here year after year, because there were always treats for him.green2

We loved our leprechaun catching years.  It was a win-win.  The kids connected with their Irish heritage and my grandfather who they never had the chance to meet.  I gave them the freedom to create outlandish traps and use their imaginations and cooperation to set them up.  The next day there was candy for all!

Because childhood is much too short, and needs healthy doses of magic to keep it alive, Life is Sweet is here to help you make the most of those magical moments!  Time to start planning your own leprechaun trap, isn’t it?


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