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Where did you buy candy when you were a kid?

Was it a local place with rows of jars filled to the brim with all kinds of sweets?

What about penny candy? Atomic Fireballs? Chocolate Babies?

Life is Sweet is a family owned sweet shop established in December of 2006.

We aspire to be that special place you go for a special treat…time and time again!

Our store is filled with all types of specialty, old-fashioned, imported & handmade treats.

Bulk candies in sparkling jars, chocolate treats and home-made fudge piled high, and tubs filled with old fashioned “penny candy” and over 20 types of home-made cupcakes.

Soft Serve Ice Cream and Hard Serve Ice Cream …with over 60 options available everyday.


Woo-hoo! Stop in during your stroll along Main St…We are at the top of the circle.

Life is Sweet is a place that brings together “sweet” lovers from all generations.

Take a trip down memory lane as you spot candy from your childhood. And, of course, try some new treats.


Life is Sweet opened the candy store in January 2007 with the intent of replicating the “Candy Store” where you bought candy when you were a kid! We created a place where you could come on in and make your own custom candy bag with our 150+ Jars of your favorite candy. Enjoy our amazing chocolates and creamy handmade fudge. Try our home-made cupcakes and cookies. Taste our yummy Ice Cream. And make your own candy art (like a Pixy Stick) with our Pucker Powder machine.


Life is Sweet began making home-made cupcakes and other sweet treats in 2009, We sold all those Yummies” right out of the Candy Store in downtown Keene. We began in our Cupcake store on Washington Street - our second location in January of 2011. The Cupcake Store specifically highlighted the cupcakes and other hand-made treats! In May of 2011, the big move was made above ground in downtown Keene. Chocolates, Candy, Fudge, Cupcakes and Ice Cream…what amazing sweets!

The perfect Sweet Shop all together in one place!

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Downtown Keene 

32 Central Square

Keene, New Hampshire 03431

(603) 352-0900

Tuesday - Thursday: 11:30 - 8
Friday & Saturday: 11:30 - 9
Sunday: Noon - 5

* Hours change seasonally *

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